Coin Logic Introduction Overview New Cryptocurrency Market Site Video

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Hello world! My name is The Logical Dude and I would like to welcome you to my little cryptocurrency resource tool, Coin Logic, Coin Logic is a cryptocurrency market data site pulling from the CoinGecko data API.

We have a trending page showing the latest gainers and losers as well as showing whether Bitcoin is a buy or sell. Also giving you the Fear and Greed index for the Bitcoin market right there on the Trending page.

Coin Logic comes complete with a TradingView chart and trade screener built right into the desktop version of the site as well so no need to go elsewhere to chart your trades. You can even trade coins in our built in Simple Switch exchange.

Track the latest news with the latest articles from some of the largest news sources like AMBCrypto, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and more!

Our posts are also going to be posted to the Hive blockchain which is one of the best and brightest communities in crypto! If you don’t have an account on Hive, you should come join for free at…