Introducing Cosmonauts on Hive Community!

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Hello world! We are a dedicated community of Cosmos ecosystem investors on the Hive blockchain! This community was created to try and bridge the gap between these two awesome blockchain communities!

We want to give the Cosmos community a good taste of the social aspects we have her on Hive and maybe we can find and recruit some awesome people that can find a way to bridge these two ecosystems together!

Cosmos Hub and the ATOM token are the main hub into the IBC or Inter Blockchain Communication, ecosystem. Basically, the Cosmos SDK allows for people to not just build dapps, but entire blockchains and connect them in different ways to other chains in the ecosystem.

The Cosmos ecosystem runs on a delegated proof of stake system similar to the way Hive runs. Each chain has the option to open up consensus to as many validators as they want. Most open up to over 100 or more validators, giving more block producing strength to the networks vs Hive’s 20 + 1 system. Each stake holder can vote as well or just let their validator represent them in the vote.

The Cosmos community is growing by leaps and bounds and we want to help do what we can to gather the community and educate everyone on the power that can happen if we figure out how to bridge these two communities together!

Come join the community today and let’s explore the Cosmos together!

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