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Curated Posts From The Hive Blockchain

7 New Currencies to watch out in Aug 2021

Cryptocurrencies are universal today. Regardless of its instability, crypto financial backers are putting resources into moving and new digital forms of money. This new development in the crypto world is making the digital currency market cap increment worldwide. July has… [See More…]

Infinite FUD has no affect.

The regulators are fighting the damn war of their lives right now. Binance is lowering daily cashouts from 2 BTC to 0.06 BTC, in addition to ceasing operations in many European countries and Malaysia. The new infrastructure bill is trying… [See More…]

AMM: Set it and forget it.

Automated Market Making is the future of liquidity. It creates a situation where liquidity providers are buying the dip and selling the peaks automatically by design, on top of farming absurd yields that put the legacy economy to shame. Cub… [See More…]

Market Watch: Wave's Collide

Eight days of solid green. Volume of Bitcoin has shot up to extremely healthy levels. There are sellers at $40k, but this pressure is letting up as the bulls allow the bears to dump their bags there. It's only a… [See More…]
BTC/USD Daily Chart (on the go): Back over 40k but RSI and momentum ar ...

BTC/USD Daily Chart (on the go): Back over 40k but RSI and momentum are a bit over heated and may correct a bit, don’t be surprised if we retest 35k as support. #leofinance #pob #hustler [See More…]

Binance Caves in to Regulators

Today is a dark day! Binance is reducing their daily withdraw limits from 2 BTC to 0.06 BTC. It was really only a matter of time but this is a huge reduction right before a potential mega-bubble: not great.… [See More…]

Exploring DEFI in the Cosmos Blockchain Ecosystem >> Osmosis AMM DEX

In my earlier article, I articulated my experience dabbling my feet into the DEFI ecosystem waters, using Matic. This time I explored more of DEFI in another ecosystem, the Cosmos Blockchain. Thriving projects of Cosmos are interconnected due to IBC… [See More…]

Like Bitcoin, Hive is under constant threat.

The cryptosphere is constantly talking about the need for decentralized social media. However, surprisingly, no matter how much Hive/Steem is in the news circuit, no one talks about us like we're relevant. This is a big problem, because all these… [See More…]

Vitalik Describes Hive

It seems that people are starting to catch on to the concept that is Hive. While many other blockchains have a lot more money and traffic, they lack what is a basic part of Hive. Source Vitalik gave a talk… [See More…]

The evolution of Liquidity provision right before our eyes.

The future of Defi coming, but will we recognize it? Transaction fees, Yield Farming, AMM, PMM and Atomic Swaps, the future of crypto gets closer and closer, but it may not be the future we think is coming. If your… [See More…]