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Featured Posts From The Hive Blockchain
Hive To The Moon! Quick Look At 3Speak Web 3.0 Video Network

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Monday market update on Coin Logic TV! Video is a little late due to some upload issues, but the prices haven't moved much since recording… Today we are opening… [See More on LeoFinance…]

LeoFinance Get Paid For Your Knowledge

LeoFinance Get Paid For Your Specialties A few years ago LeoFinance launched one of the few communities to release during the first open phases of tribes within the hive-engine ecosystem. Leo was one of three of the communities I bought… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Black Friday Crypto Sales and Gov Going Asking about Centralized Stablecoins

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Black Friday update on Coin Logic TV where all the crypto is on sale! LOL If you want to give the give of crypto this year, now's the time to… [See More on LeoFinance…]

Bitcoin Falling Wedge Looking Oh So Sexy! Such an Awesome Thanksgiving!

Ah man, the beautiful set ups just keep coming on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day! Looked over at BTC for a minute and dang if there is t another falling wedge just aching to breakout and run! Not to mention that… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Blocktopia on Polygon - The Newest on the Coin Logic Index and First Metaverse Investment

Hello everyone! So with our announcement of the new community here on Hive and the future investment DAO that we are looking to build, we were taking a look at how we wanted to manage the investment structure of… [See More on LeoFinance…]

MATIC on the Breakout! Taking a Trade, Let’s Go!

Hello everyone! Well first just want to say congrats to all Hive holders, we have crossed the $2 line and it is looking sweet! But let’s not think that we can’t pull back. But this time we will be finding… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Welcome to the Coin Logic Finance Club on Hive!

Hello everyone and let me welcome you to the introduction post for the Coin Logic Finance Club. We are an investing community or 'investment club' as we have to call ourselves for regulatory purposes. Our community is built on the… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Hive is on FIRE! Building Solid Market Structure, Technically and Fundamentally

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to a mid week update from Coin Logic TV! Today it's all about HIVE! Hive is on FIRE at over 20% rise over the last 24 hrs and hitting new all… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Just Another Manic Monday In Crypto Weekly BTC Bearish Divergence

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Monday market update on Coin Logic TV. It's been a crazy weekend with most of the markets taking a big dip. Looks like metaverse and DEFI coins are here… [See More on LeoFinance…]
Taking a Look At Hive Backed Dollar and These Crazy Volatile Markets

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Friday Market Update on Coin Logic TV! Today we are taking a look at this crazy volatility that we have had going on in the markets this week and… [See More on LeoFinance…]

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