Bitcoin Entering A Large Demand Zone- Bounce or Break Down?

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bitcoin entering a large demand zone

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted some technical analysis as I have been taking a bit of a break from the markets. But now I am back in the game, it’s time to get back to some good ole charting! So now that I am back on that BTC trading grind, it’s time to get back to some TA posts.

Bitcoin’s price has been getting pretty hammered for a while at this point. Bitcoin is entering a large demand zone in the 58K-60K range. We haven’t broken the 60K price range yet, and we are showing some oversold conditions with momentum pretty much in the toilet.

The next big demand zone below where we are now is in the 40K range, but I highly doubt that we will break down that low. It’s absolutely possible though, so if I were you, I would be safe guarding my stacks until we know for sure, but of course, this is not financial advice. My play is to day trade futures and then stack some cheaper on-chain BTC while the prices are low and lowering average DCA price. I will keep stacking like this until we break above 74K, then I will hold what I have until we top out for the cycle and trade into stablecoins to ride the wave down.

Be watching for a bounce at or around this level, it could be a good chance to go long and make some good profits. Of course on the flip side, we need to be watching for a break down below this zone. If that happens, I am going to be looking at 40K for the next stop as there really isn’t much market support below the level we are in now.

Do you think the Wall Street players and their ETFs will let Bitcoin go below 58K? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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