Content Creator Week On Coin Logic TV

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We have another big week planned here on Coin Logic! Did you know you can use your brain to earn crypto? This week is content creator’s week so we are talking with one of the best in the game, @taskmaster4450, who is the top earner on the Hive blockchain! Gonna be talking about what it takes to make it, and finding your way instead of trying to copy others. Be on the look out for this interview on Wednesday!

We are also excited to be joined by the founder of @beatzchain, which is the newest music social front end on the Hive blockchain, on our weekly Twitter Spaces happening this Friday! We are going to be chatting about creating music for web 3.0, what it means for the music industry, music NFTs, and some awesome partnerships with @blocktunes and more!

DApp Reviews

This week we are also going to be looking at some of the top web 3.0 content creation platforms out there, some on Hive, some are not.

First we will be introducing the audience to 3Speak.TV, the premiere video platform for web 3.0. We were blessed a couple of weeks ago to talk to the team of @threespeak, @starkerz, and @theycallmedan on the history, the present, and the future of this decentralized video platform. This week, we will give our audience a bit of a visual overview of how easy it is to get started! Look for this video dropping on Tuesday!

@leofinance is one of the most used front ends in the Hive ecosystem. They are the self proclaimed ‘Seeking Alpha’ on the blockchain, but they have the potential to be so much more! The LEO team is developing on many different platforms trying to bridge the gap between their platform and other ecosystems like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the latest, Polygon! We will be taking an look at their budding ecosystem! Look out for this video dropping on Thursday!

Quick Look Videos

We also have some quick look videos planned for some other platforms, but not full out intro videos. We will he highlighting other web 3.0 social platforms like Blurt, which is a fork of STEEM and HIVE, as well as Noise.Cash and Read.Cash, both built on the Bitcoin Cash network.

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