Introducing The New LogicSWAP DEX by Coin Logic

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It’s a new day for Coin Logic where things are finally coming full circle as far as the original plan of being a one stop shop for all of your cryptocurrency needs! When I started building this site back in 2018, the idea was to pull all of the crypto market data, news, charts, and more all into one place so I didn’t have to go out to various websites or comb through social media to get the information I needed. I also wanted to educate people and help them understand this crazy space a bit more, which led to expanding into articles and videos of my own!

But there was always one thing missing… A wallet and an exchange! These are some of the most basic things you need in the crypto space, and I am happy to announce that things have finally all come together!

I am proud to introduce my new DEFI dApp, LogicSWAP!

What is LogicSWAP?

LogicSWAP by Coin Logic is a decentralized swap platform built using the DexAppBuilder from Dexkit. It is designed to make swapping cryptocurrencies a breeze for anyone, no matter if you are a seasoned pro, or just getting started on your crypto journey. By aggregating liquidity from multiple sources using the 0x Protocol, LogicSWAP provides traders with the best real-time prices, while optimizing gas fees to reduce slippage rates and transaction costs.

Users can exchange their cryptocurrencies easily using our Swap DEX, or if you prefer to trade like the pros do with limit orders, charts, and watch the trade history tape, then you can trade on our Pro DEX! Both the Swap and Pro DEX features use cross-chain liquidity powered by the 0x protocol to ensure that you have the volume you need to make your trades.

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If you are looking to trade other mainnet crypto assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solana, or one of many other available crypto assets including your favorite memecoins, you can trade using our Cross Chain swap exchange powered by You will need a wallet that is compatible with the other assets you are looking to exchange for, I suggest using something like the Exodus wallet that gives you access to a huge list of crypto assets as well as Web3 connectivity!

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What Blockchains Can I Use?

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With the LogicSWAP DEX platform which includes the main Swap, Pro Dex, and any NFT functions, we support the main blockchains and second layer chains that run on Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM for short. This includes Ethereum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Base, and Avalanche.

The Cross Chain swap by Simpleswap offers you the ability to swap on many different blockchain, but as I said before, you will need a wallet that can accept those tokens like the Exodus multi-chain wallet or any wallet that will accept the coins you are wanting to exchange.

Can I swap a token that is not listed?

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If you have a token that doesn’t show on our Swap DEX, don’t worry because importing is easy with LogicSWAP! You can seamlessly import any token manually by entering the smart contract address of the token that you are wanting to swap, provided there is liquidity on one of the major DEXs supported by the 0x Protocol such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc. If 0x can find it, then you should be able to trade it.

Beware that anyone can create a token and some may be scams, so make sure you have the right smart contract address for the token you are wanting to swap.

What is the 0x Protocol?

The 0x Protocol is a key infrastructure in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by 0x Labs, this open-source protocol serves as a fundamental building block for developers needing exchange functionality. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges, 0x operates as a decentralized exchange (DEX) that eliminates intermediaries, allowing direct peer-to-peer asset exchanges.

One of the distinctive features of the 0x Protocol is its hybrid off-chain relay and on-chain settlement architecture. Orders are stored off-chain, enhancing flexibility and gas efficiency, with trade settlement occurring on-chain. This unique design makes 0x a preferred choice for developers looking to build decentralized exchanges. The protocol supports various assets, including fungible tokens (ERC20), non-fungible tokens (ERC721), and bundles of assets (ERC1155).

Furthermore, 0x’s native governance and staking token, ZRX, allows holders to participate in protocol governance decisions and earn ETH liquidity rewards by staking their tokens. The protocol aims to create a tokenized world where various assets like fiat currencies, stocks, commodities, and more can flow freely on the blockchain. Ultimately, 0x envisions a global financial system that is transparent, efficient, and equitable by leveraging decentralized technology to empower individuals with greater financial sovereignty.

Who controls my funds?

You are in 100% control over your assets that are in your wallet. This is not like Binance, Coinbase, or one of the other centralized exchanges where you give up control over your money for the ability to trade. With a DEX, the funds stay in your wallet and are traded using smart contracts that you have to give permission to for them to use.

Do I have to register or give you any personal information?

Absolutely NOT! LogicSWAP does not require you to register nor do we collect any of your personal KYC information to use our Swap or Pro DEX! That is the beauty of using a decentralized exchange versus something like Binance or Coinbase that is controlled by regulators.

NOTE: The one exception for this if you want to buy or sell crypto for fiat using our on/off ramp that is powered by Transak. You will most likely need to provide some information if you want to buy or sell crypto using fiat. This is out of our control, and this third party is the one collecting your information, not LogicSWAP.

What wallets can I use to connect?

With LogicSWAP, you have many different wallet options to choose from. You can easily connect with an existing Web3 wallet like Metamask or any other Wallet Connect capable wallet.

If you do not yet have an Ethereum based Web3 wallet, we have you covered! You can get your cryptocurrency journey started today by creating a wallet right on LogicSWAP using your choice of email address, Google, Twitter/X, or Discord accounts! Once you are signed in, you will have a wallet created for you that is powered by the Magic Wallet service!

If I create a wallet on LogicSWAP, how do I access my private keys?

If you created a wallet using using either an email address, or a one of the listed social accounts (Google, Twitter/X, or Discord), you will be able to access your private keys through the Magic Wallet service by signing in with the account you used to connect to LogicSWAP!

What are the exchange rates?

LogicSWAP charges 0.2% swap fee to use our decentralized Swap and Pro DEX. This does not include network gas or liquidity fees.

The Cross Chain swap powered by Simpleswap costs 0.4% plus network fees which is the lowest we can charge for that service.

What are gas fees and what tokens do I need?

Gas fees on Ethereum and similar blockchains and networks are transaction fees you pay for using the network. They cover the cost of processing your transactions or smart contracts. The more complex or urgent your transaction, the higher the fee. Gas fees are paid in using the base token of the chosen blockchain and help keep the network secure and running smoothly by rewarding those who process transactions. Think of it like a car needing gas to drive, same thing for blockchains, it’s good to always keep some gas in the tank.

Below are the list of supported blockchains and the gas token needed. For all networks using ETH, you need to make sure that the ETH you are purchasing is for that specific network.

These tokens can all be purchased on LogicSWAP Wallet page using our fiat Buy option powered by Transak:

Ethereum: ETH

Optimism: ETH

Binance Smart Chain: BNB

Polygon: MATIC

Fantom: FTM

Base: ETH

Arbitrum: ETH

Avalanche: AVAX

Future NFT Plans

There are plans in the future for integrating an NFT marketplace on LogicSWAP starting with a special unlock NFT that will give you access to the Logical Trading Indicator PRO which is my custom built trading indicator for Tradingview! This NFT release will get that foundation for the rest of the marketplace laid down then I can expand from there!

The future is bright for Coin Logic as things continue to develop and progress!

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