Introducing the Newly Updated Coin Logic

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Hello everyone! I wanted to be the first to welcome you to the newly updated Coin Logic site! Coin Logic is an online tool built buy me, The Logical Dude (@thelogicaldude), to really combine all the needs for cryptocurrency market investing, trading, and more all in one location. Since I entered the crypto space in 2018 (yep I finally decided to jump in, after all the fun had happened, haha) I had wanted to find some way to contribute to the space without having to learn how to code new languages. Being a WordPress developer, I went to work looking for all the plugins and resources I could find to build a crypto related website.


As my research continued as well as my continuing education in trading these markets, I got tired of having to go to all these different websites to do my research and then to another for charts, then another for the full market list, then another for an exchange, blah, blah. That got real old, real quick, so then the idea came to build an all in one site that basically puts everything I need all in one place! Hence, Coin Logic was born.


So now, a brief walkthrough of the current interface…


Coin Logic opens to a nice, clean front page that has a live view of the crypto markets similar to Coin Gecko (@coingecko) which is where the data is coming from. Here you can see price feeds that change as the market changes. The first page opens and shows the top 100 coins in the market. This list also allows you to search and set a watch list so that you can set up your favorite coins and tokens to watch and easily access that list.


When you click on a coin or token’s name, you will be taken to a page with a description of the coin, relevant links, exchange data, charts, conversion calculator and more…


But wait, there’s more!

There is also a nice Trending page that looks at the Top 10 gainers, losers, volume weighted, and by marketcap so you can get a quick glimpse of what is going on in the markets!


And then there are charts from! What I did here was create embedded charts that follow the trading pairs that I trade the most. I have it split up into the USD pairs, BTC pairs, and ETH pairs that I watch and trade. In the future, these are the charts I will be using for articles. All articles will also be posted to the Steem blockchain where you can follow the site updates…


And then there is the Coin Logic Exchange powered by CoinSwitch. This exchange allows you to exchange coins at the best rates possible without having to enter any kind of KYC information. All you do is pick the coin and amount you are wanting to send, select the coin you want and amount, then enter the receiving address. The exchange does the rest! If you have never heard of CoinSwitch, they are similar to Changelly, who I am also an affiliate for and if you click the buy or sell button on any of the coin info pages, you will be taken to Changelly. But Coinswitch and Changelly both work with multiple exchanges to find the best rate for your trade and handles the trades for you. Their support is great and I have any problems I have had, which has only been once for each site, ended up working out great. So if you use the exchange and have an issue, there is a help button in there that will take you to the CoinSwitch support, I don’t handle tech issues with the exchange. That being said, I do get a small part of the exchange fees that help support the site, so if you use the Coin Logic exchange, you are supporting a good cause!



Other than that, in the footer of every page are the most recent cryptocurrency new articles from some of the top news sources. Any articles you click on here will be taken to the site of the article provider and will take you off of the Coin Logic site. The original site had the articles being embedded in the site, but that ended up causing issues and was just an expensive plugin that really wasn’t worth it in the end. So I figured this go around, I would just link to articles and RSS feeds from other sources and then write my own articles. The footer also gives a place that you can donate crypto if you are so generous and are getting value from the site, it is much appreciated and goes to the development of the site, as well as any of the banners and links on the site.


So in conclusion, I hope you would want to use this as a tool for yourself in your crypto journey. I will continue to try and build more and more functionality in the site as i can. The site is also mobile friendly, all except the charts. I am currently working on a mobile solution for the charts. Anyway, hope you enjoy the site!


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