Killer Short Trade Called By The Logical Trading Indicator

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Short Trade Called By The Logical Trading Indicator

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? I had a killer short trade called by the Logical Trading Indicator on BTCUSD futures this morning and scored big on a small leverage trade. I am trying out the new Version 2, on-chain exchange on [ApolloX]( which a leverage trading DEX on BSC. No KYC, but if you are a US citizen, you have to use a VPN. No accounts needed. Just sign in with your Metamask or other Web3 EVM wallet and get to trading!

apollox exchange dex Short Trade Called By The Logical Trading Indicator

What’s cool about the Version 2 model is that you keep your funds in your wallet! You have to sign every entry and exit, which does cost a bit of gas, so you will need a small amount of BNB in your wallet for that. The exchange fees are 0.08% so not bad at all. I placed only a 10 USDC trade on a short, but ended up with over a 100% win on the trade using 100x leverage, so ended up with over a 10 USDC profit!

Short Trade Called By The Logical Trading Indicator

The [Logical Trading Indicator PRO]( called it perfectly! I got in just after the sell signal and death cross of the basis and long period moving average on the 1 minute time frame and had a heck of a profit, well based on the amount I put at risk. I could have let it go more, but I hit my take profit point, actually beyond it, and the trade closed automatically.

Being this was the first time I have used this part of the trading platform, as I have been trading their Version 1 order book DEX for some time, I can say I liked it a lot. Not near the slippage and really made for a smooth trade. My favorite part is that I keep the funds under my control instead of having to deposit and withdraw from the version 1 contract. Honestly I have never had a problem with the Version 1 exchange before, and love trading on it, but I really like keeping the funds in my wallet. Just makes me feel safer.

So if you want to try trading on an on-chain leverage exchange where you keep control over your funds, then you should check out the [ApolloX]( exchange and support trading on a DEX instead of relying on a CEX to make your money and report you to the government!

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