MicroStrategy Unveils Their Plans For A Digital ID System Built On Bitcoin

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digital id system built on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy is known in the space for its substantial corporate Bitcoin holdings. But now it has taken a groundbreaking step with the launch of ‘MicroStrategy Orange’, which is their idea of a decentralized digital id system built on Bitcoin. MicroStrategy ‘Orange’ was introduced by Michael Saylor during the ‘Bitcoin For Corporations’ conference on May 1. This move signals a bold venture into Bitcoin-powered decentralized identifiers (DIDs). But some are not liking the idea of personal information being out there on a public and transparent blockchain.

Embracing Bitcoin’s Security For A Digital ID System

MicroStrategy Orange leverages the Bitcoin network’s robust security and decentralization by employing a modified version of the Ordinals inscription method. Unlike traditional blockchain-based identity solutions, Orange operates directly within the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring enhanced security and recognition. Being that Bitcoin is the largest and most secure network on the planet, it does make sense on that side of things.

By anchoring digital identities on the Bitcoin blockchain, MicroStrategy Orange introduces a new level of security, mitigating common vulnerabilities such as fraud and identity theft prevalent in traditional systems.

Different Shades of ‘Orange’

The system comprises three key components: the Orange Service, the Orange SDK, and various Orange Applications. The Orange Service issues DIDs, unique digital identifiers ensuring identity verification without divulging personal data. This holds promise for sectors like finance and healthcare, prioritizing trust and minimal data exposure. Being that MicroStrategy is a software development company, not to mention they hold over 1% of the BTC supply, they have the resources to make something like this happen.

Despite reporting a $53.1 million net loss for Q1, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings saw a substantial appreciation, valuing at approximately $15.2 billion. This strategic move into a ‘decentralized’ identity solution signifies a pivot in their business strategy, utilizing Bitcoin resources for innovation beyond cryptocurrency investment.

One may ask though how much privacy is going to be involved, especially since literally everything can be read on the Bitcoin blockchain? To keep things like medical records and other sensitive data safe, there would need to be some privacy features introduced on the blockchain first. So many, including us at Coin Logic are wondering what the plans are for this and how it is going to be implemented.

Practical Applications and Development

The Orange SDK equips developers with tools to integrate Orange’s ‘decentralized’ identity capabilities into diverse applications. ‘Orange for Outlook’, will be an early application by verifying email sender authenticity. MicroStrategy Orange aims to extend its utility to messaging platforms, social media networks, and sectors like e-commerce and fintech. These all could help provide security for both the user and the company, network, or service.

Future Prospects: Integration and Verification

MicroStrategy’s venture into so-called ‘decentralized’ identities hints at a standardized verification system across platforms, potentially introducing an ‘orange check’ akin to the blue checkmark for verified users on social media platforms. This is an effort for better authentication across the board. Many people online are saying though that this is nothing buy a way for people to KYC themselves on the blockchain which opens their identity up to bad actors, primarily governments, to use that data against the user.

In summary, MicroStrategy ‘Orange’ represents a significant leap towards enhancing digital identity security and authenticity, fueled by Bitcoin’s inherent strengths and MicroStrategy’s strategic vision for innovation. But we have to ask the question about privacy versus transparency. How much of your information will be available for anyone to see? These are some big things that need to be addressed before it will be widely used and accepted by many that want to keep their information private and out of the hands of people or institutions that want to do harm. These are all questions that need to be asked about a digital id system built on Bitcoin.

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