My Bull Run Play- The What, Why, And How I am Playing This Cycle

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my bull run play

Want to know how I am playing this bull run season? Well, in this article I am going to be giving you the low down on what coins I am playing, why I am playing them, and how I am using them. I am one of those that enjoys a good use case. I like actually using my coins to earn an income instead of just holding and hoping that the price against the dollar goes up.

I have also learned some major lessons from the last go around and this time, I am playing things much differently. First off, my coin choices are few. I am not diving off into the crypto casino and gambling on random memecoins or the newest shiny protocol. That is what ate me alive last time.

The coins and protocols I am using this time around have been tried and tested and don’t seem to be going anywhere, so I feel comfortable with my choices. So let’s get into my bull run play.

My Theme Of The Cycle

Liquidity is the main theme of the moves I am making in this cycle. Last time around, I got my wallet smoked by having entirely too much staked into various protocols and not being able to flip into stable assets to ride the bear market. This will not happen again! If you have been following for any length of time, you know I ma a trader, so to do that I need my funds to be as liquid as possible to trade up.

But liquidity isn’t the only thing, I am looking at solid use case. My money needs to be doing something for me other than giving me stake or governance in something. I need money to be usable in the real world as I am also on a mission of building my homestead farm business in the real world. This bull run is to help pay for all of that so that I can live that self sustaining lifestyle without government overreach! So I am using coins and platforms that can help me achieve this.

The What

So now I am going to tell you what coins and protocols I am using for this cycle. We will get into the why and how I am using them in a bit.

The Main Play

These are the coins that I am working this cycle. It’s not many, but it’s a solid list.

  • Bitcoin- In the form of WBTC
  • Ethereum- In the form of WETH
  • USDT and USDC
  • MATIC (Polygon)
  • HIVE and HBD
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Monero (XMR)

The Why and How

There are some big reasons why I am playing this particular set of coins. So now I will explain both the why and how I am using them. I am going to break it down a bit for you.

Bitcoin and Etherem (Wrapped on Polygon)

You may wonder why I am using BTC and ETH in a wrapped format, well, that is so I can use them as collateral and trading funds in AAVE. On their own, they are very expensive to use, and let’s face it, BTC doesn’t have many use cases other than a store of value and very expensive asset to send and trade. ETH at least has it’s DEFI and smart contract uses, but have you tried to use it? It’s insanely expensive to use. This is why I am using these assets as collateral in AAVE on the Polygon Blockchain. Polygon has super cheap fees and is a second layer to Ethereum. I can loan USDC against these assets to use for expenses in the outside world.

Not only can I use them as collateral along with USDT and USDC, but, I can also trade my collateral supply in AAVE which is an awesome feature. So the main play is to trade the ETH/BTC pair on the 2HR and 4HR time frame during the cycle to earn as many wrapped sats as possible in my collateral supply. So this way, I can use my BTC and ETH value in a few different ways, all in one platform! This keeps me focused instead of spread out all over the place.


Along with stacking wrapped versions of BTC and ETH and trading them, I am also stacking up USDT and USDC in my collateral account on AAVE. These two earn some great interest rates to use as collateral. Having half of my account in stablecoins helps keep me away from liquidation of my loans if volatility strikes.

I only loan USDC. This keeps things simple. Also, my offramp these days has been Robinhood, which I have been using their banking feature. I send USDC on Polygon to Robinhood and sell into dollars (no cap gains taxes baby!). These funds I can use for expenses for my servers and the farm that I am building, not to mention, food and other necessities.

When the bull run has played out, I will easily be able to pay back my loans and swap my collateralized WBTC and WETH into USDT and USDC to ride out the next bear market.

MATIC (Polygon)

I am staking a bit of MATIC because it is the fuel for the Polygon blockchain. I can also use it as collateral and trade it in AAVE against my BTC or stablecoins. It has proven to be a solid coin to trade and has some nice moves on the shorter term, so I like to stack a bit of it.


The Hive blockchain is really the engine that earn everything for me in the crypto world. That alone gives it a place in my bull run play. No matter the ups and downs the platform has, I am stil here, trying to bring sound logical knowledge or just some good ole shenanigans. It’s basically my online home of sorts. The one big difference that I am doing with Hive this time around though is that I am only keeping enough staked into the protocol to run the resource credits and such that I need. This is due to my whole thing about liquidity in this cycle. I saw too much of my Hive value pump and dump without being able to profit off of any of it because of the timed staking.

What I am doing with my Hive and HBD rewards is fueling my DEFI, trading, and farming efforts by swapping into SWAP.MATIC and sending out to my wallet. But I am not selling it all. I am still stacking my HP rewards in the @hivelist account as well as @blocktunes because those are my two main Hive projects that I am trying put more focus into. The old @hivehustlers account is being powered down to fuel the DEFI, trading, and farming efforts as well.

Due to the time lock for HBD to earn the interest, I am not using it in that way right now and going with the USDT and USDC in AAVE to earn the interest, able to be traded, and used to loan against all at the same time. Instead, I want to focus on using HBD in commerce instead of hoarding it.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

These two are my other honorable mentions in this cycle. I am stacking up Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on-chain as an alternative to BTC because well, it’s actually usable as a currency. BCH has great fees and is fast and honestly lives up to the original whitepaper more than Wall Street’s BTC. I can buy gold and silver with BCH on APMEX, which is a great use case on it’s own. I earn BCH through round ups on my purchases when I use my Robinhood card. I take these round ups and send them to my non custodial wallet and going to let it collect up through the bull run. When I feel like we are getting to the top of the market, I am going to use those funds to buy some hard precious metals! Oh, I forgot to mention we accept it on the Hivelist Store!

Monero (XMR)

Monero is the king of privacy and is why it always has a place in my savings. XMR is a great choice for those that want privacy in their transactions and don’t want their wallet’s value broadcast to the world. I earn XMR through mining on a couple of different computers. It can be mined with any computer because it is CPU mineable!

There is also a budding e-commerce community building around Monero and it’s private transactions, in which we also accept it on the Hivelist store! It’s not just for people doing shady things, it’s for anyone that just doesn’t want their business out there for everyone to see.

I plan on always keeping a bit of Monero in the wallet for emergency purposes. I can always use DEX’s and atomic swaps to get into BTC or LTC if needed, or just use something like Cake Wallet and buy some gift cards! But, I think I will be using it on the Monero Market or other business that accept it as a currency.

So there you have it, my bull run play! I talked about what coins I was going with for this crypto cycle, why I picked them, and how I am using them. I am keeping things simple and honestly a bit more conservative this time around because watching everything I had earned melt away and not being able to do anything about it caused some PTSD. So to avoid more of that nasty feeling, I am doing it different this time around.

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

This was written for a writing contest on on the Hive blockchain!

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