Protecting Ground Water with AcreNFT and Ogallala Life Eco Friendly NFTs on Stargaze

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first interview on Coin Logic TV! We are happy to have Kaitlin, Co-Founder and primary artist at AcreNFT, an ecofriendly NFT collection on the Stargaze blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as Brandon, Director of Ogalalla Life, a non profit dedicated to helping the recharging of the Ogalalla aquifer via the Web 3 community!

We had a really awesome discussion about using crypto, NFTs and other web 3.0 technologies to help the environment as well as educate the community on the issues and why it is so important! I hope you enjoy!

My partners, Infinity | carbonZERO and AcreNFT are hosting a giveaway of 2 NFTs and some STARS tokens:

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This is for educational and recreational purposes only!

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