Solana Team Addresses High Network Usage and Congestion

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high network usage and congestion

The Solana Foundation has stepped up to address high network usage and congestion challenges posed by the recent surge in activity due to the current memecoin craze that has seemed to center itself around the Solana ecosystem. Recognizing the strain on the system, the team has rolled out recommendations aimed at optimizing block usage and ensuring continued high performance according to an article from

Implementing Priority Fees

One of the key suggestions involves implementing priority fees. These fees incentivize validators to prioritize certain transactions over others, enhancing the overall user experience by reducing the likelihood of dropped or delayed transactions. By integrating micro-lamport fees alongside standard transaction fees, developers can help streamline transaction processing.

Optimizing Block Usage

Beyond priority fees, the foundation encourages developers to explore various optimizations to reduce the strain on the network. This includes minimizing resource consumption by applications to increase the likelihood of transactions successfully reaching the network. Additionally, prioritizing transactions routed through staked validators can bolster network security and efficiency.

The Promise of an Improved Scheduler

Looking ahead, a new and improved transaction scheduler is on the horizon. Expected to debut experimentally by mid-April, this update aims to address current congestion issues. Developers highlight its potential to resolve performance bottlenecks associated with conflicting transactions, offering hope for smoother operations moving forward.

It’s no secret that Solana has had its share of issues with sustaining a solid working blockchain, as the chain itself has halted completely several times in the past as validators get overworked by the amount of traffic on the network. Last cycle was due to the NFT craze, and now it’s due to the current memecoin craze that has been calling all degenerate traders from the wood work to come and trade on the insane speculation. If you are one of these degens though, it’s okay, you can rest assure that the Solana Foundation team and other Solana developer groups are working on the high network usage and congestion issues to keep the blockchain as stable as possible!

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