The Economy According to Taskmaster4450 Is Now On Coin Logic

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The economy is a fickle beast, and there are many so called ‘economists’ out there that want you to think one way or the other, really to just pump their bags. But there is on man, that wears his sunglasses even at night, that can break down the economic madness like anyone that I have heard in a while. And he is not an economist, but has allot of experience and does allot of research.

In light of this, with @taskmaster4450’s permission of course, I have added a feed to Task’s economic videos to the Coin Logic Economy page! I am calling this section, The Economy According To Taskmaster4450. Banging headline right, lol. Just trying to keep it simple for everyone out there, haha. I have added both the regular account and his le account with the tag filter “economy” using the HiveRSS feed maintained by the one and only @hivetrending with the crew!

I am thankful to have his knowledge flowing directly to our Coin Logic audience and may actually help bring more people to the Hive blockchain!

So now on the the Economy page, you can get the charts and data you need as well as the broken down info from one of our own, as well as other sources like the Economist and the FED’s own news feed!

So come and get your crypto market data, charts, and news as well as macro economic data now on Coin Logic!

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Nothing said is financial advise.

This is for educational and recreational purposes only!

Stay safe in these volatile markets and don’t get rekt!

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