The Institutional Takeover of Bitcoin is a Threat to Decentralization

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institutional takeover of bitcoin

In the early days of Bitcoin, the promise was clear — a decentralized currency, free from the shackles of traditional financial institutions. However, recent developments, such as the introduction of a spot Bitcoin ETF, have signaled a shift towards the institutional takeover of Bitcoin. This poses a threat to the very essence of what Bitcoin was meant to be, the people’s money. Here is my contrarian view of the Bitcoin ETF.

The Institutional Takeover Of Bitcoin

The arrival of a spot Bitcoin ETF might be seen by many as a sign of mainstream acceptance, but we have to ask ourselves: at what cost? The institutionalization of Bitcoin not only goes against its founding principles but also opens the door for Wall Street to exert influence over a currency that was initially developed as a rebellion against centralized control.

Bitcoin was born out of the desire for financial autonomy, to create a currency that operates independently of governments and financial institutions. However, with the increasing interest from institutional investors, Bitcoin risks losing its essence and becoming just another asset manipulated by the powerful few. The ‘number-go-up’ maximalists don’t care about the true fundamentals anymore. They just want to see their bags pump so they can have more dollar value. The original idea was the opposite. Whatever happened to 1 BTC is 1 BTC?

The Need for a Paradigm Shift

It’s time for the crypto space to reassess its direction. Instead of blindly applauding the institutional takeover of Bitcoin, we should be advocating for a return to the fundamentals that made cryptocurrency a revolutionary concept. Embracing alternative currencies like Monero is a step towards reclaiming the decentralized dream that Bitcoin once embodied.

Time for True Decentralization

Monero and other privacy-centric cryptocurrencies offer a beacon of hope for those who believe in the original ideals of a decentralized economy. With its emphasis on privacy, fungibility, and decentralization, Monero stands as a testament to the ongoing battle against institutional dominance and government regulations. It provides a refuge for those who seek true financial freedom, away from prying eyes and centralized control.

If I am going to consider anything as a savings account, I also want to be able to spend it without paying 10% of my transaction fee to miners. You can’t do that with Bitcoin these days, but Monero fits this on all sides, at least in my book. It is a fairly stable store of value as well as a cheap means of exchange. Didn’t I mention, it’s also private? In this dude’s opinion, Monero is what Bitcoin should have been from the beginning.

A Friendly Wake-Up Call

This is not a call to arms but a friendly wake-up call to the crypto community. As we witness the encroachment of Wall Street on Bitcoin, it’s crucial to reflect on the original vision of a decentralized economy. But, there is still hope for the people with other blockchains and currencies.

By championing privacy-centric cryptocurrencies like Monero, we can redirect the trajectory of the crypto space. We have to reaffirm our commitment to the principles that sparked the revolution in the first place.


With Wall Street’s takeover of BTC, it’s imperative to remember the original ideals of Satoshi. Monero and other alternative cryptocurrencies offer a way back to true decentralization and financial sovereignty for the people. Let’s embrace these alternatives, not as a rejection of progress, but as a recommitment to the core values that define the crypto space. It’s the only way we ensure that the future of cryptocurrency remains in the hands of the people, not Wall Street and governments.

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