Tornado Cash Developer Arrested In Amsterdam

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The US government is stepping up its war on its citizens and their privacy. The developer of the crypto mixing protocol, Tornado Cash, has been arrested in Amsterdam according to authorities. This is just another move in the elite’s war on privacy.

Under the guise of ‘money laundering’ and ‘national security’, the US Treasury put Tornado Cash along with all of its associated Ethereum addresses on its sanctions list. This is just adding another name to their economic hit list as they sanctioned the site, blender.io, for the same reasonings earlier in the year.

What Is A Mixing Service

Coin mixing services like Tornado Cash, operate by pooling together contributors’ funds and then redistributing them, making it harder for law enforcement to track the digital breadcrumbs that accompany cryptocurrency transactions. Being that many cryptocurrencies operate on open and transparent blockchains, these services were created to give a layer of privacy to both parties involved in the transaction.

The argument made by institutions like the US Department of the Treasury (DOT) is that these companies have failed to address their use as illegal money laundering services. This is what let to the shut down of Blender.io due to allegations that the service was used by North Korean hackers.

War On Privacy

Many in the crypto industry are taking this as the US Treasury department declaring war on the privacy of its citizens, making the US government no better than the Chinese Communist Party. Yep, I said it… Plain and simple, this is an outright assault on the people. They will try to stop at nothing to take away our privacy and force us to be happy about it. It’s all apart of the Great Reset plan.

The response from privacy advocates is that crypto mixers offer an additional layer of privacy when sending transactions, which is an important part of cryptocurrency idealism. In response to the sanctions, crypto advocacy group, Coin Center, said the US government was unfairly targeting a “a tool that is neutral in character and that can be put to good or bad uses like any other technology.”

“It is not any specific bad actor who is being sanctioned, but instead it is all Americans who may wish to use this automated tool in order to protect their own privacy,” wrote Coin Center’s Jerry Brito and Peter Van Valkenburgh in a blogpost.

Clear Government Overreach

The fact that the 29 year old developer was arrested in another country shows that they will stop at nothing to get their way, no matter how corrupt. Most other governments pretty much bow down and do what they say. As a US citizen, I will say that the idea of the ‘Land of the free’ went out the door with Bush and Chaney, or really you can shorten that to just Dick Chaney, because Bush was just a waste of hot air, it was the Dick that actually ran the country.

The Patriot Act was all they needed to launch an outright assault on the privacy of the entire world. And now that they are struggling to keep the paper ship afloat after the last couple of years shows their desperation.

This arrest, just is going to be seen like that of Juilan Assange and Ross Ulbricht. If they can now attack developers for writing open source code, which is supposed to be protected under the freedom of speech, well, that just shows that we aren’t safe.

It’s time for us to stand up to these fascist pigs and say ENOUGH! One way to do this is to use Monero! You can mine Monero with any CPU for the most part. This allows for complete decentralization of the most private coin in the industry. Now, at least in the US from what I can see, Cake Wallet now offers a gift card service for Monero! All you need is an email. I created a spoof email on Protonmail for this specific purpose so it doesn’t tie back to my real name.

The bottom line is, you have to take control of your privacy and keep it safe at all costs. Privacy is a basic human right an no other human has the right to take that away from you, no matter what job title they have or what costume they wear. Stay vigilant everyone!

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