Well This Isn’t A Good Look For Bitcoin

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good look for bitcoin

It’s been a hard couple of weeks in the crypto markets, and it is not looking much better when you zoom out to the weekly timeframe. The Logical Trading Indicator is flashing a sell signal on this week’s candle which means that we have some serious downward momentum hitting the Bitcoin market. This isn’t a good look for Bitcoin.

For you new guys, this means that there is way more selling pressure coming into the market than buying pressure. Trading is nothing but a game of supply and demand. My thought is that the Bitcoin ETF news event earlier in the year caused us to go into an early cycle that broke all time highs WAY too soon. Now we are paying the price for that, literally…

Now that the big boys of Wall Street are manipulating the price, there is no telling what is going to happen. As retail traders, we just need to be able to catch and ride the waves because we don’t have enough capital to move the price on our own anymore.

What I see happening is that if this weekly candle closes with this sell signal, that will drive the price of Bitcoin down closer to the next somewhat level of market structure, which is around $50k. After that, the next solid level is around $37K-$40K. Not saying it’s going to happen, we all want to be optimistic about the price, but we have to face reality that Wall Street wants cheaper Bitcoin so they are going to short futures until they get it to the price they want to buy it at. Once they get their fill, then we could see some real fire works when it comes to a pump in price, but we just have to be patient and ride their wake for a while until it happens.

It’s very important to not get caught up in the noise on social media and focus on the data in the charts. Fundamentally, Bitcoin is not making any changes. The only news is about regulations and on and off ramps, but nothing about the actual blockchain or it’s mechanics. So based on that, BTC traders can really just focus on price movements for now. Don’t let a small price pump fool you either, Wall Street wants cheaper Bitcoin, and they will get what they want.

Now on the flip side of this, if we hold this level as support, which honestly is not looking like the case as of this post, but if buyers do hold this level, we look at this dump as a shake out and may start the next leg up. So again, we have to be ready for anything. This is really why I just let the Logical Trading Indicator tell me when it’s time to pay attention and when to trade.

Are you bears ready for another ride down? Or are you bulls gearing up for a moonshot?

Be careful out there in these volatile markets and trade logically!

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