What Goes Up, Must Come Down- It’s A Natural Law You Know

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hive chart price up price down

The markets can look like they defy the natural laws of physics at times, but I can say for certain that there isn’t an immunity to gravity, especially in the crypto space. Price up, price down, that’s how the market works.

These moves can be predicted just by watching the momentum and volume of the price moves. When we have these parabolic short term moves higher, it’s utopia in the crypto social sphere, and if you say anything against the pump, like oh I don’t know, telling people they should take profits, people freak, haha.

In Crypto, What Happens To One, Happens to Most

In this space, when Bitcoin takes a dip, pretty much the entire market dives along with it. That’s becasue this space is still extremely new and volatile and basically trading is controlled by bots at this point.

See… Here is Bitcoin…

bitcoin chart price up price down

How about MATIC…

matic chart price up price down

It all pretty much moves together, so this argument about what coin is better than what when it comes to pumping your bags, well, it’s really a stupid point because they all freaking move together. Bitcoin just happens to be the most valuable and everything tends to bleed against it.

Keeping Your Cool

This is where the whole idea that I constantly preach of keeping your emotions in check comes into play. You cannot let your ‘feelings’ and emotions get the best of your trading. The market doesn’t give a rat’s butt about your feelings. Sorry to burst your bubble on that, but the market is fluid and neutral. It doesn’t care what kind of day you have had, it doesn’t care if you had a fight with your better half, or if you woke up and stubbed your toe. It will treat you the same as it treats anyone else. So doing at it in a mechanical fashion is the only way to win.

So be careful out there and use these pumps with the dumps as a lesson on when to cut bait and take your profits off the table! Remember, the market does 2 main things, price up, price down, it’s pretty simple logic.

This post also posted to @thelogicaldude’s blog on InLeo.io on the Hive Blockchain.

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