Coinbase Officially Joins The New World Order

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Coinbase has officially joined the ranks of the World Economic Forum alongside Ripple, which is known for creating and managing XRP, and the Consensys founder, Joseph Lubin, who is also co-founder of Ethereum. If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, the WEF are the ones that are trying to usher in this ‘Great Reset’ that you have heard so much about.

Coinbase happens to be one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and the first to become a publicly traded company. Although it is well-known and has staked its place in the crypto industry, Coinbase is not a good player in the space. Let’s take a look at how Coinbase is quicker to bow to regulations than to protect the foundations and fundamentals of the industry.

History With The US Government

Coinbase has a long history of working side by side with the US government to try and track transactions on various blockchains for some time. They have an analytics arm of the company that does this for them.

Here are just a couple of examples of Coinbase turning its back on its customers and reporting them to the government.

This article discusses a deal that Coinbase made last year, in 2021 with the US Department of Homeland Security to help track user transactions in the name of ‘national security’.

Here is another article where they made a deal where they sold the Department of Immigration the right to use their analytics tools to help track transactions across the various blockchains they support.

Notice also how Coinbase doesn’t list Monero…

Exchanges Are Not Your Friend

This situation, along with FTX’s SBF, show that these large centralized exchanges do not care about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. They only care about making money on your transactions and those that are stupid enough to stake tokens on an exchange. Exchanges make you provide your personal information that can then be connected with your crypto wallet and therefore identifying you and making that connection.

They want power and more power. Brian Armstrong has really made it no secret that he wants to be a part of the elite class of people and it is now apparent with the official partnership with the evil Satan Klaus and his band of evil economic henchmen.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Cheese

This should just be another reminder that if you do not hold your crypto in your own wallet where you hold your private keys, you don’t own the crypto. PERIOD!

When you use a centralized exchange, you are giving up your rights to your money. If they decide whether you can get your funds back or not. I mean look at the way Coinbase holds your funds if you purchase through them. That’s not how crypto is supposed to work. It’s no better than the traditional banking system.

Then again, if you give them your personal information, then send coins or tokens to or from the exchange on a public blockchain like Bitcoin, they have you pegged. If you must use a centralized exchange for onboarding or offloading to fiat, then make sure you are using a separate address to send funds from your normal wallet, this adds just a bit of an extra layer of security for you, although it can be tracked as well.

The best thing is to stay private… Use Monero. The Cake Wallet allows you to purchase gift cards in the US at least and all you need is an email address. I created an anonymous email address using Protonmail for this exact reason.

Stay safe out there everyone and if you haven’t yet, go delete your Coinbase account, that is unless you are fine with the government in your business and now your money being connected with the World Economic Forum, who is trying there damndest to usher in the ‘Great Reset’.

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